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Brita Water Pitcher Replacement Filters – Budget-Priced Solution for Having Clean Water for Drinking and Cooking at all Times

We all know that one of the key components of healthy nutrition is pure water. Unfortunately having the right water quality is not as simple as it may sound: even in regions where the plumbing and sewage system is good, running water can contain impurities that are not only harmful to our health, but also damaging to the plumbing system. If ingested in excess, copper damages the liver and the kidneys, while if it is present in the plumbing system, it forms deposits that can aid in or accelerate erosion. Similarly, mercury and cadmium also cause corrosion to the plumbing system and damage our kidneys.

As you see, truly pure water is not that easy to come by– unless you use the right filtering device. Using a pitcher filter to clean water is one of the most popular methods that involve the usage of a special filtering device with a cartridge on a special container. When you pour the water into the container, it goes through the filter so that the water that gets into the container is already clean.

Brita Water FilterBrita is one of the most popular manufacturers of pitcher water filters, making not only the pitchers and filters, but replacement filter cartridges as well. If you need a filter that reduces harmful pollutants and minerals to a healthy level in your water while also making the water taste great and fresh at all times, check out the Brita Water Pitcher Replacement Filter pack that includes 4 replacement filters representing the well-known Brita quality.

General Features

Each filter measures 9 x 5.6 x 2.3 inches, weighs 14.4 ounces, the items being compatible with all types of pitchers made by Brita, including the Slim Pitcher, which is a compact model. The filters are made of recyclable material, so Brita makes it possible to protect your own health and the environment at the same time.

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Detailed Features and Main Advantages

Let’s see now in more detail what the advantages of using Brita Water Pitcher Replacement Filters really are:

  • One single Brita replacement filter can do the job for 300 standard bottles, 16.9 ounces each.
  • The system includes activated carbon filtering as well. The granulated active coal is efficient in eliminating numerous contaminants from the water.
  • The filtering system in Brita filters uses special Ion Exchange Resin, able to catch any impurity found in tap water including cadmium, copper, mercury and lead. If ingested in excess, these substances have harmful effects on your general health, but their presence in tap water is pernicious for the plumbing system as well: copper damages the liver and the kidneys.
  • The filter eliminates harmful benzene, toluene and tetrachloroethylene from the water, too.
  • Each unit includes a special sponge that reduces the chlorine concentration of purified running water.
  • The replacement filters eliminate not only foul taste, but odor as well.
  • These Brita Water Pitcher Replacement Filters comply with NSF/ANSI Standards No. 42 and 53.
  • Brita filters are also WQA-certified.
  • Brita filters do modify the taste of water coming from the faucet – they enhance it and make it fresh-tasting and refreshing.
  • Brita pitcher filters protect the environment by eliminating the need to buy bottled water.
  • Though quality should always come before costs, money is always an issue, so we must mention that the Brita Water Pitcher Replacement Filters are very conveniently priced, making this type of filtering a reasonable alternative to more costly supply-mounted or faucet-mounted devices.

Main Drawbacks

Brita’s Water Filter Pitcher Replacements are very efficient in filtering mineral residues and metals. However, before buying the package, you must be aware that they are not suitable for purifying water of chlorine by-products, microorganisms and parasites. And three more comments:

  • The filter needs to be replaced after every 40 gallons, in case the system is used by a larger family; this means a life span of about 2 months for one filter.
  • You need to keep the filter wet all the time. The reservoir needs to be filled even when the pitcher is not used.
  • These filters cannot be used with hot water.

My Experience with the Brita’s Water Filter Pitcher Replacements

Brita Pitcher

In the region where I live water has a specific, chlorine taste that is sometimes milder, other times it gets stronger. Before I started using my Brita filter, I replaced the cartridge in it. It turned out that it was one of the days when the foul taste and smell of the water was really strong, so I was really curious what my filter can do. And I was pleasantly surprised: the cartridge filtered all the bad taste and smell out of the water – what I got in my container is pure, fresh-tasting water. The filter also uses silver oxide which makes the water softer, too.

I used the water filtered through the Brita cartridge for making ice cubes as well – freezing tends to increase bad taste if the ice is made of water with a lot of impurities – and the filter worked great this time as well.

I tested the cartridge for the entire recommended period of 2 months and towards the end of the period I noticed the chlorine more intensively in the filtered water. Our water usage during the period probably exceeded 40 gallons, so the diminished results came as no surprise.

The Final Verdict

With this water pitcher filter replacement package you can be sure your water is clean and healthy. The water filtered through the Brita tastes great, smells great and looks great – yes, it looks great because the water cleaned of the impurities becomes crystal clear, too. These cartridges are quite inexpensive and they represent a really minor investment into your health and well-being in the long run, especially if you compare it to the money you will have to spend on bottled water bought from the grocery store if the quality of the tap water in your home is not suitable for drinking or cooking.

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