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Temple Run: Brave – Follow Merida’s Adventure through the Highlands of Scotland

Launched in 2012, this spinoff based on the widely popular animated film Brave, has quickly become a force to be reckoned with on Amazon’s best seller app page.

In line with both the main highlights appearing in the original Temple Run game and with Merida’s adventures based in the highlands of Scotland, the game is a curious mix of intense game play, thrilling excitement and fun, while also brining a few intriguing new features and additions in an attempt to spice up the gaming quality of Temple Run’s initial version.

New Features and Highlights

Released as a fully working version for Android devices, Temple Run: Brave is the official app released as part of the marketing campaign for the movie Brave. It offers all the qualities brought by the original Temple Run. Many innovative features are also available, making the game more exciting and interesting than ever.

Temple Run BraveOne of the new features added to Temple Run: Brave is archery. Much like in the movie, archery symbols and bullseye targets appear during Merida’s run that you have to shoot at. The targets will appear on the side of the screen and you have to use the touchscreen to send arrows their way and win coins as you complete the challenge.

Another update, launched after the initial release of the game, brought the calming and playful presence of the Will-o’-the-wisps to the game, which appear randomly and are able to transport you to a darker, “spirit world” version of the game’s environment where the glowing wisps appear on your path. You have to get as many of them as possible while navigating the twists and turns of the landscape.

With new visuals and graphics, easy to use swipe and tilt controls to give you a firm grasp on your character’s movements and updated, realistic environments and backgrounds depicting the landscapes of Scotland, Temple Run: Brave is seen by many as a great new addition to the Temple Run family.

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The Main Qualities of the Game

While offering many new features, the game is also known for its unique qualities and its faithful reproduction of many of the highlights that have made Temple Run famous. Here are a few of the many additional benefits you can gain from this app:

  • For Brave fans, Temple Run: Brave offers a lot of familiar visuals that will make you feel like you’re a part of Merida’s engaging story as you run after wisps, gather points and avoid dangers.
  • While allowing you to change your characters and costumes, the game also re-introduces you to the fearsome and aggressive Mordu. The demon bear from the movie that you’ll have to keep running from.
  • You get a new “slow motion” power-up that enables you to navigate tight spaces and make more progress than ever.
  • The minimum operating system for this app is Android 2.1 – a great asset for those using older devices because most high end games are only available on Android 2.3 or higher.
  • Additional benefits include the ability to level up your characters, using lots of power-ups, competing with friends and sharing your progress and achievements on online leaderboards.

Drawbacks and Other Considerations

Like many other games and apps that have made the transition from iOS to Android, Temple Run: Brave still has a few glitches that you might need to consider, depending on the device you’d intend to download it on:

  • The game can lag or become slow at times, which could make faster actions such as turning or jumping to be a bit more of a hassle when compared to the quality and smooth game play provided by the original Temple Run game. This can depend, however, on the device you’re using and your available memory.
  • Also, some of the customization features such as changing your character’s wardrobe may run differently depending on the platform you are using.

My Experience with Temple Run: Brave

I got Temple Run: Brave shortly after I updated to a newer Android tablet that offered fair performance compared to most devices available at the time. Despite this fact, there were still a few slight lags, but overall, the game seemed to work fine. For this reason, I decided to keep it and see what happens after a few updates.

Over time, there were a lot of bug fixes provided and the improvements were quite remarkable. As for the game play itself, this is definitely better than the original Temple Run. I remember thinking that it would be a terrific gift for kids who have enjoyed watching the movie.

I was quite entranced by the beautiful looking graphics and colors that look remarkably like the movie and make the entire game seem quite entrancing and magical, while definitely improving the fun factor.

Also, the controls are simple, sharp and accurate. The customization options provide an easier way to control what happens in the game and I found the new random wisp feature to be a great addition because you never really know exactly where you’ll end up. Exploring the mysterious spirit world really makes this game infinitely more thrilling.

A Great Spinoff Based on Merida’s Tale

An overall fun game that also adds a touch of mystery to the usual Temple Run experience, Temple Run: Brave is entirely justified in earning a place on Amazon’s best-selling app list. As a matter of fact, it set a new record as the most downloaded paid app at the time of its release.

Be prepared for a lot of fun additions and updates that constantly make the game more interesting and, if you’re a fan of the famous Disney/Pixar animation, also expect to be reunited with many of your favorite characters from the film.

All in all, this is a game geared toward progress that you likely won’t get bored with. The opportunity to use power-ups, level up and unlock new features will constantly keep you at the edge of your seat. Also, despite some small lags and glitches, new updates keep appearing that constantly fix any problems associated with various platforms and devices.

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