Sivvan Unisex Classic Scrub Set V-Neck Top/Drawstring Pants (Available In 12 Solid Colors)

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Brand: Sivvan

A vintage V-neck Top part straight from Sivvan. This's roomy and cozy, It comes with three substantial spaces that has an excessive dog pen divider next to the breast pocket, Dual facet regulators in addition to a two stitching collar cable provides to this traditional browse, Clinic rear length 28 " (M). Which has a to match mesh drawstring Sivvan dress. Only the pant's offers a little bit tapered legs, and attribute a side pocket including spacious also pocket. Drawstring weighs in at sturdy to help keep its come for all a daily strap on.

  • New-soar, A bit tapered legs, One particular back pocket, A good facet hip pocket
  • Pro: V-neck professional, Fixed-to put it briefly sleeves, Club in past duration 28 in just Expansion M ( 1 Top level)
  • Dress: Drawstring apply skirt, Dyed-over to-go with mesh drawstring, Inseam 31 Inches ( 1 Pants)
  • Facet regulators for simple activity and cozy squeeze
  • Itemproduces a spacious merge. For additional furnished outcomes, a camera increase small than just that your normal measurement is suggested for women primary. Finding best place for males, that your classic dimension is recommended