Southco 96-10-520-50 Removable Lift-Off Hinges, Offset Type InchB Inch Style

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Brand: Southco

Die cast zinc, resilient dark satin powder blanketed. Utmost active load 300 lbs. Inch maintains #10-32 screws. Metric follows M5. Available in stock either in-type and also counterbalance style A finding doors gap with the that remains nor counterbalance model B and get doors hole on the appropriate. Single every box.

  • Supplies: Zinc Metal
  • Accomplish: Powder Layer
  • Color ink/Effects: Dark colored, Thread and Gap Style: 10-32
  • Box Proportions: 1. 5 x 2. 01 x 2. 4 in (3. 8 x 5. 1 x 6. 1 cm)